The Team

Alan Kilshaw

Alan Kilshaw

Head Coach & Community Partnerships Manager

Alan has coached at most levels in the academy at Warrington Wolves as well as head coach and assistant roles at Sarina Crocodiles and Mackay Cutters respectively.

In 2015 he was offered a role at Rochdale Hornets as Head Coach & Community Partnerships Manager


Chris Coop

Head of Youth

Chris Coop joined Rochdale Hornets Sporting Foundation bringing a wealth of knowledge of both codes of rugby in the local area and in general. Chris spent time coaching in the academy at Salford before joining us.






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James Tilley
Community Coach

James Tilley joined Rochdale Hornets in a playing capacity for the 2015 season and took up a coaching role in the Foundation. Since then he has been the go to guy in the local scene, coaching the first team at Rochdale Cobras as well as the Rochdale Hornets ladies team.




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Michael Ratu Jr.
Community Coach

Michael is the latest addition to the Foundation family. He joined Rochale Hornets as a player in 2013. In April 2016 he joined the Foundation on a coaching basis and leads on projects such as Wheelchair Rugby League and Touch Rugby League